Diamond Skull are a stoner, heavy blues quartet from Vienna. They take inspiration from Hard Rock, Blues and 70ies Rock crafting a sound that is equally straight forward, dark and hypnotic.

The bandmembers credit the group´s birthdate as 2015. Almost immediately they began recording their debut album „Sleepless“. After their video debut for „Cocaine“, the album was released in summer 2018.
Vulvarock is a unique term to describe the band’s sound. The sisters bring raw punk sounds to the table, while Suzy and Robin add hard rock and heavy metal influenced melodies and harmonies. Sandy on lead guitar binds these two worlds together with her high-energy rock ‘n’ roll style. Vulvarine’s songs are energetic, dramatic, but most of all: empowering. They deal with discovering your own personality, and the heights and pitfalls along that journey.
If the very last solar ray vanishes from these sere and harsh grounds humanity is used to occupy the wan four are ready to hit the road releasing darkness and spreading heaviness over the land. Invoked by primeval vitrue their unresting specters keep hunting down those wandering vessels which plead to get filled with screaming riffage, hammering drumbeats and gnarling basslines.

Mesmerizing vocal fortitude closes the vicious circle and sets free an untameable thunderstorm.
Can I Say is an Alternative Rock trio from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Paul Sommersguter (vocals, bass), Bernhard Haegele (guitars) and Markus Edelmann (drums). The band plays modern, catchy, upbeat yet melancholic rock songs.

Diver is the anthemic lead single for Can I Say's debut album In Your Arms. While the song is a musical nod to the band's main Alternative Rock influences, it also sets a particular dark and moody tone for the album.
Swarms of stressed out bees, thunderstorms, and a fair amount of melancholy. A hazelmouse with a machine gun, that guy in the car behind you that won’t stop tailgating, and the feeling of drifting in the deep, wide ocean. This rhythmic, dreamy, and dirty rock music is served up by three musicians who first shared the stage as teenagers. The songs are cheeky,
powerful, dark, but also come with a grin, which will make the debut album by PATRICK RAUCH set off a variety of emotions!
The sound of the viennese band Slingshot shows the great bond of the four musicians to the
RockMusic of the 70ties and 90ties. „Solid Stoner Rock with lightly progressive elements“
(Strombringer), but also facets from Psychedelic Rock, Blues and Grunge can be found in their
Only a few were prepared for what was to come when NAPLAVA unleashed their unique fusion of stoner, doom and heavy rock in late 2010. At that time, the two piece band kept grinding and jabbing their way through the local viennese scene. Three years later they would be gaining two more band members, release their first LP, play support for bands like Danzig, Valient Thorr, Red Fang and develop a devoted following. The groups follow-up „Opposites" was released on the 9th of June 2015.
A gathering of musicians from Amestigon, Black Spring Assembly, Der Blutharsch and ticotlh & Diamond Skull who share the same thoughts making something out of nothing.
Bird are the reincarnation of Naples heavy rock veterans “Whiskeycold Winter”.
The band proposes a mixture of old school heavy rock , bluesy elements and psych/doomy moods.

On April 2019 they pubblished a mini EP (2 tracks) called “Mother of pain”,
while, the second single , entitled “In the Night he Comes” will be out with Electric Fire Records.

The listening is suitable for all the 70’s and Sabbath lovers!
Great Rift is a four headed heavy/psych rockband, born 2016 in Austria. In 2017 the band recorded their debut EP "Voodoowoodland", released on "Electric Fire Records“. In June 2018 their first full length album "Vesta" will be out via "Electric Fire Records" with a vinyl co-release on "StoneFree Records". Their sound is strongly reminiscent of the heavy blues, hard- and psychedelic rock of the 70s.
Austrian singer-songwriter Luke Lambheart is an American
at heart. In the tradition of the eccentric 1960s
folk singer, with a guitar in his lap and a chip on
his shoulder, he makes music heavily drenched in all
things American: rock’n’roll, the blues, bubblegum
pop, as well as a stubborn insistence on his right
to feel sorry for himself. Since his fi rst single ”Two By Two“ has gotten quite
a bit of radio airplay in 2015, he has now released
his self-titled debut EP.
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